New message search in Beta

We’re happy to announce that the long-awaited full message search function is now available in closed Beta test, so let us know if you’d like to try searching ALL your Runbox email and we’ll enable it for you!

UPDATE: You can now enable the new search function by using one of these links:


If you happen to have a lot of messages in your account that you do not need indexed (such as spam), we recommend that you delete them first to speed up the initial indexing.

UPDATE 2: We’ve had some problems creating search indices, and are working to straighten these out. If you don’t get the new search field within a reasonable time after clicking the above link, please try again in a while.

18 thoughts on “New message search in Beta”

  1. This type of functionality is very long overdue. I hope it works and works well. Search has long been the only real weakness of the service and I have been a customer for years. Please make this as effective as possible ASAP!


  2. Please enable search on my account. These posts are old, but I did not see the feature available when I was organizing my messages after importing them from gmail. I still have lots of organizing to do…

  3. Your search functionality is truly horrible. I am trying to use the search functionality to get rid of spam which has accumulated in my mailbox over the years( over 13 years with Runbox now) and mostly get no results at all for common terms( spam or non-spam).

    1. The search function doesn’t index contents in your spam folder because that would make it much slower, and most people don’t want or need to search through messages that are spam. It is also safer to review your spam folder manually and report any legitimate messages as “Not spam”.

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