Pictures from the Move

Here are some pictures from the move showing our old and new Data Center, our servers, and some of our sysadmins.

All in all the process involved around 2 weeks of planning, 10 people, 3 cars, a few hundred feet of cable, 10 hours of deracking, driving, and installing, and a week cleaning up afterwards.

It’s good to know that Perdita, Pongo, Patch, Penny, Pepper, Taishi, Rambo, Takara, Tinkerbell, Chernushka, Strelka, Bars, Pink, Oscar, Fenris, Greyhound, Odie, Marmaduke, and Sirius are all running smoothly in their new pound!


2 thoughts on “Pictures from the Move”

  1. Great! Congratulations to everyone, the service gets better literally every day =)


  2. Ruhm! How cool is that?? Know the people that are working behind the scenes! Well done guys keep it up! Many thanks!!!! Nice too meet ya…

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