Server relocation: Scheduled downtime Tuesday June 14

Server Relocation and Email Downtime – Tuesday June 14 10-14 CET (08-12 GMT / 05-09 AM EDT / 02-06 AM PDT)

We’re excited to announce that Runbox is partnering with a new server hosting and management company, Copyleft Solutions. As part of this change we will move our email server park to a new Data Center on Tuesday June 14 between approximately 10 and 14 CET.

How will this affect me?

Our email services, including Webmail, POP, IMAP, and SMTP, will be inaccessible for about 4 hours while the servers are being moved. Incoming email will normally be queued on the sending servers, but users of mailing list services such as Yahoo Groups might want to suspend those to avoid bouncing of incoming email.

The Runbox Web Hosting services will *not* be affected as they are hosted in a different location. All web sites and domains hosted with Runbox will continue to work normally.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the relocation.

What can I do?

We recommend that you check your email before the scheduled downtime. While we are migrating it will not be possible for you to access your email.

You will not need to change any settings in your email client. It will work normally once our servers are online again.

(For those who have been using our IP address ( instead of a regular server name, please change this to

To get updates about the relocation and when the services will be online again, please check this page, Twitter, or

If you have any questions, please use the Support Center at

Why are you relocating?

Runbox is partnering with Copyleft Solutions, a Norwegian company focusing on secure hosting and open source software. Copyleft Solutions shares Runbox’ values and core principles, and we will be their preferred email provider going forward.

The partnership will strengthen both companies in the long-term as we also share many goals and interests — first and foremost to provide the best possible email services for our users.

The new Data Center

The Runbox email server park will be moved to Copyleft Solution’s data center at Digiplex. Digiplex offers state of the art facilities with secure, climate controlled environments and full power and telecom redundancy.

In the future, this move will improve the quality and responsiveness of our services, as the servers will be hosted on a higher capacity network by a company committed to further developing the platform.


6 thoughts on “Server relocation: Scheduled downtime Tuesday June 14”

  1. Are the servers down already? I am not able to download email to my Outlook account, but I can send it??

  2. Thank you for the advance notice and the additional information; much appreciated.

    EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) is GMT-4, and PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) is GMT-7, so if the outage is 8-12 GMT, that’s 4-8 EDT and 1-5 PDT. Maybe you could clarify the times in your announcement, to minimize confusion.

  3. No the servers are not down already. We have some intermittent issues with fetching email via IMAP and POP that we are investigating.

    If you have issues and need access right now, then I suggest you use Webmail. That is not affected.

  4. Hi:

    Today is the 15th. Trying to use my webmail logging normal or secure and I’m not able to open my current inbox emails and also noticed no new emails received.

    Please check to see if you find anything wrong with my account.


  5. Forgot to mention that when I click on my most recent inbox messages the inbox webmail page just refreshs and displays this error on top of page:

    Error: The message could not be opened. Please see Service Status for possible server problems, or contact Runbox


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