Hardware and software upgrades

We have been hard at work behind the scenes for a while on both hardware and software upgrades of the Runbox email services.

Here’s a summary of what we’re currently working on:

New backup system

Last week we added a new backup system with advanced ZFS storage which triples our backup capacity. Not only does this allow us to store backup for much longer than the current one month, but the backup server is powerful enough to act as production storage in the unlikely event that the main storage systems go down.

New MX servers

We have recently added a new MX (mail exchanger) server as the first step in replacing all of our 3 MX servers. The new server is the first of 3 or 4 virtualized servers and is part of a new configuration regime that lets us roll out new servers much easier than before.

New database servers

Additionally we’re planning to replace the main database server with two new and much more powerful ones. This will not only improve performance of nearly all parts of the Runbox email service but make it much more reliable. We hope to have this completed within 2-3 months.

Other planned server upgrades

We’re also going to start replacing several other units with new, virtualized servers which will make our services much more manageable, flexible, and efficient. We expect these upgrades to be completed with 5-6 months.

Runbox 6

Meanwhile, we’re working on the next generation of the Runbox Webmail. Initially this will mostly be a compatibility upgrade as the entire Runbox web application has been rewritten to work with Mod_Perl2Apache 2. Runbox 6 will have a couple of new features such as message tagging and improved sub-account management, but will more importantly lay the foundation for further enhancements in the time to come.

More information about all these upgrades will be posted in the near future!

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