[Resolved] Reduced IMAP responsiveness 03052012

Recently we’ve been having some slowness and timeouts on IMAP connections, and we’ve been working to find the cause.

We have discovered that a misconfiguration has distributed load unevenly and we’re now working to distribute the connections better to improve performance.

Please let us know if you notice any difference in IMAP responsiveness in the coming hours and days.

Update: 01:30 – 2012/05/04 – Things seem much better now. Please let us know if you experience something else.


3 thoughts on “[Resolved] Reduced IMAP responsiveness 03052012”

  1. I am experiencing delayed reception of e-mails to my Blackberry. I have 3 accounts configured in my blackberry (Hotmail, the one given me by my provider and runbox) and while I receive Hotmail and my provider e-mails instantly, e-mails coming through Runbox get delayed. I do not know what is happening, when I log via the web interface the e-mails are there, it is just that they are not delivered to my blackberry instantly (and they were before), sometimes they are delivered ‘in bulk’, like the connections ‘awakes’ and then all pending messages are delivered. I am not sure if this is related to this issue though. I have sent the same e-mail via Gmail to all my 3 accounts and Hotmail and movistar accounts are delivered instantly, Runbox account I am still waiting for delivery (after 10 minutes) though I see the e-mail in my inbox via the web interface. Weird.

  2. The IMAP issue seemed to be resolved this weekend, and early this morning, but now I am having the same issues. I can not access my folders or refresh my inbox.

  3. Brett: We have done a lot of changes last week and this week, so any update on how things are working now is much appreciated.

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