[Completed] Scheduled database replacement and downtime

7:00 AM CET: We are now stopping all email services in order to complete the database server replacements.

We will redirect www.runbox.com and beta.runbox.com to this blog so you will be able to follow our updates.

8:05 AM CET: The work is almost complete and we’re getting ready to start the new database servers that will take over.

8:12 AM CET: We have started the new database servers and will start the email services now.

8:16 AM CET: Everything looks good, and all email interfaces are operational. The email queued during the downtime has been delivered. We’ll remove the redirection to this blog now.


17 thoughts on “[Completed] Scheduled database replacement and downtime”

  1. Looks like there are still problems with the web interface: fast.runbox, and the normal & secure runbox.com interfaces. Keeps erroring on login.

  2. Are you sure all queued email has been delivered? I message I was told was sent during the downtime has not arrived yet…

  3. There are still problems I fear. I have not had anthing into my mailboxes, including test mails I have sent. There is a serious issue here and you seem to be ignoring it !!!!

  4. Did the upgrade delete emails saved to Drafts? I don’t think I had anything too important saved, but when I went to save one today the only one already there was from 2010 and I know I had more than that when I was using Runbox 4 two days ago.

    1. Suzanne: The drafts that were saved in Runbox 4 are not lost — we’re working to convert them to Runbox 5!

      And thank you for your understanding. We didn’t expect this to happen so abruptly either, but as mentioned we had been planning to retire RMM4 soon anyway. It’s just not feasible to keep running every old piece of software forever, unfortunately (does anyone remember RMM3?)…

  5. Thank you, Geir. I noticed they were back and came here to mention it. I really do appreciate your efforts. I know this can’t have been an easy transition for the Runbox team, especially with grumpy people like me moaning about the good ol’ days. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you all.

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