Runbox 6 launched

Over the past year and a half we have spent a great deal of time behind the scenes upgrading the Runbox Webmail code. We have also upgraded all the underlying software that powers Runbox, and much of the hardware it runs on.

The Runbox 6 platform

This is the 6th generation of Runbox, and while it may appear similar to Runbox 5 it provides a solid and updated platform for further development of new features. In addition, we have created a software building and deployment system that will enable us to develop new code faster and more securely.

We have already put some new features into Runbox 6 — some minor ones you will discover as you use it, and a few bigger ones:

New Features in Runbox 6

1. Tags: These let you label messages across folders, and will allow you to organize and find messages more easily. To add a tag, open an email, select [New Tag] from the Tags field near the top, enter a tag name, and click “Add tag”. You can now sort messages by your tags in the message list.

2. Improved Account overview: You can now get a full overview of your account’s Data Usage on the Account screen.

3. Sub-account management: You will now be able to manage any sub-accounts you might have in a similar way to the main account and also see detailed information about the usage of the account. Just click the sub-account address in the list after going to Sub-accounts. Note: Sub-account owners can now change the passwords of their sub-accounts and therefore potentially access them.

4. Color themes: You can now choose between 4 color themes by going to Webmail: Preferences and selecting an option from the “Theme” menu. We have also removed they gray background color from all pages to brighten things up a bit.

Try Runbox 6 now

You can start using Runbox 6 now by going to the following link:

This will take you to, which is also where you will be redirected automatically next time you log in.

We hope you will enjoy the new Runbox! If you have any questions, please add a comment below or open a support ticket at

18 thoughts on “Runbox 6 launched”

  1. is redirecting to I’m hoping that it’s just an oversight. Sorry that whenever I post a comment here it sounds like a complaint, because I really am very happy with Runbox!

  2. I checked the site after someone, who can only use the mobile website at the moment, told me that the page was redirecting to the full version. After checking on my own mobile though I see that the secure light page is working normally. Apologies for my last message, I should have looked into it myself properly first.

  3. Congratulations with nr 6.

    Was waiting for it after last year when I was noticed about the tagging.
    Looks great but missing one great thing … I want to use a rule for the tagging. Why doing it yourself if the computer can do it for you.

    It isn’t possible yet. Soon?

  4. I have been loving Runbox for I think around 7 years now and just want to say THANK YOU!!

    It is low key, reasonably cheap, seemingly private, STILL IN OPERATION, SEEMINGLY private, and oh… Gaston:

    If you wanna CHAT why not use AIM? Why not use any number of other free or paid services and let Runbox staff focus on keeping things in their most excellent state?

    Have a chat with twig and berries! Google is watching…


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