How To Use Email Like a Pro 1: Use Webmail (and IMAP)

Use Webmail

With Runbox, all your email is stored securely on our servers and is accessible to you wherever you might be located, regardless of the computer or device you happen to be using.

The easiest and most direct access method is the Runbox Webmail, which immediately provides a complete overview of the folders and messages in your account.

Webmail is easily the fastest method too, because Runbox is a database accelerated system. On the servers, all the key information about each message (sender, subject, date/time, etc) is stored in a database. The Runbox Webmail just has to poll the database instead of checking the content of each message to display the message overview in a folder, which is what IMAP and POP would have to do.

Use IMAP instead of POP

If you want to download email to your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, consider using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) instead of POP. IMAP allows your email client to stay completely synchronized with all your folders on the server while also downloading messages locally.

IMAP not only synchronizes the messages themselves, but also the read/unread status and flags of each message. It will even copy messages you send from your device to the server’s Sent folder.

POP (Post Office Protocol), on the other hand, can only download from one folder (usually the Inbox) at a time, and can be set to delete the messages from the server so that they can’t be accessed from another device.

Stay synchronized with Webmail + IMAP

The combination of Webmail and IMAP is ideal if you use more than one computer or device, if you’re traveling, and if you’d like to stay connected wherever you may be.

You’ll never have to be without your email again!

4 thoughts on “How To Use Email Like a Pro 1: Use Webmail (and IMAP)”

  1. I am currently using gMail for my email as you can see. How, specifically, will my email experience change using your Webmail + IMAP?

  2. The main point is that the Webmail is the fastest access method with Runbox, and that using IMAP in combination with Webmail lets you easily stay synchronized across multiple devices (regardless of which email provider you choose).

  3. Hate to interject but:

    Even though it’s all accessible by the government somehow I am sure, I believe your experience will change when you actually pay for a service that is legitimately NOT FREE!

    Have you gotten emails from your “friends” that have a gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account and realized that someone has just hacked their contacts list, stolen all the email addresses, and then spammed the lot? Seven years I’ve been with Runbox (I think) and as far as I know, my email addy has never been used to send spam to anyone of my contacts. That is nice. I feel like google is going to start to offer free internet if you get chipped so that they can watch your habits and then sell your daily route to advertisers so that right when you are thinking, “man I sure could go for some ribs…” a Tony Roma’s sign will flash in your general gaze!

    ya feel me?

    1. We will stay independent while we keep improving our services, and we will always protect our customers’ privacy and data.

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