Email Alias and Email Domain limits increased

After a lot of customer feedback we’ve decided to increase the number of email aliases and email hosting domains included in all Runbox subscription plans.

Both main and sub-account subscriptions as well as legacy subscriptions and the 3-year Medium plan will be upgraded.

The following upgrades will take effect June 1, 2013 for all existing and future Runbox accounts:

Email Aliases

Plan Micro Mini Medium Max
Previously 5 10 20 50
Now 10 20 50 100

Email Hosting Domains

Plan Micro Mini Medium Max
Previously 0 1 2 5
Now 0 5 10 25

You can find a complete overview of our price plans here:

We will continue evaluating our plans and appreciate your feedback!

What about my existing alias/domain add-on products?

If you have any existing email alias or email domain upgrades they will be added to the new quotas. For instance, if you have a Runbox Medium subscription with a package of 5 extra aliases, you now have 55 email alias slots available.

We have deactivated any automatically recurring alias/domain add-ons in case they aren’t needed with the new quotas. You will be alerted to renew them manually when they expire, at which point you can decide whether or not to keep them.

What are aliases anyway, and how do I use them?

An email alias is simply an alternative email address pointing to your Runbox account. By using several addresses you can better organize your email because it lets you manage several “identities” from within the same account.

You can read more about aliases in our recent blog post How To Use Email Like a Pro 3: Use Several Addresses or go straight to Account > Aliases in your Runbox account to set them up.

What are email hosting domains?

An email hosting domain lets your Runbox account receive email sent to addresses Note that this is not the same as an actual domain name, which needs to be registered in the global Domain Name System (DNS) first.

In order to manage your domain’s email in your Runbox account you first need to register your domain in Account > Domain Hosting (or another domain registrar) and set the domain’s MX (Mail eXchanger) record to point to Then you can add your domain in Account > Email Hosting to tell the Runbox system that your account shall receive email sent to your domain.

Finally you can set up email aliases or even other accounts on your domain, using Account > Aliases and Account > Sub-Accounts.

Find out more about Email Hosting and Domain Hosting.

Using Catch All for unlimited aliases on your own domain.

If you own your own domain, it is possible to use the “catch all” function in Runbox Mail Manager as a way to have unlimited email aliases on that domain. You can even use filters to forward emails to other accounts within Runbox, or to other email providers.

To activate this feature go to Account > Email Hosting and select the catch all check box next to the domains you want activate catch all for, and then click “Save Settings”.

All emails addressed to will then be delivered to your account.

We have another blog post about using catch all alongside filters to provide aliases for various uses, and how to control spam that using the catch all function might attract.


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