New Runbox Help Website

We are pleased to announce that Runbox now has a new help website at

While we wanted a new format so that information was clearer and easier to find, we also recognized that some of the information on the old help website needed updating.  With the new website, we have done both at the same time!

We have highlighted some of the main areas that Runbox members are likely to need at the top of the page: How-tos, FAQ, and Documentation.

Lower down you will find facilities to search the help website, and also select topics from the tag cloud and category list.


On the new Help site you will see we have a new section called How-tos. These are articles on how to set up services or software to work with Runbox, like how to set up the Thunderbird email client, or how to change the MX settings with a domain host so that you could use your own domain with your Runbox account.

We will continue to add to these as we are sure there are other things that would be useful. If you think of any, let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have updated the Frequently Asked Questions, and put them in a section that is easier to find and navigate.  If you think there are additional questions and answers that should be in there that aren’t, please let us know.


On the new Help site you will see we have brought across all the usual Documentation and also updated it.  We still have work to do on graphics for some areas, and will be producing some updated and new video guides explaining how to use certain features.

How to find what you’re looking for

Finally, a word about Search and Categories/Tags. You can now find what you are looking for by using the Tag Cloud, or the list of categories (Site map) on the right-hand side. Clicking on a tag or category will take you to an alphabetical list of pages that are related to that topic.

Search will of course look for keywords in documents, and attempt to list them in order of relevance.

We hope that you find the new help website useful, and we would be pleased to hear from you about ways in which we could improve it.


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