Runbox not Accessible (routing problems outside our network)

Update 01-Sep-2013 0915 CEST: We believe the routing issue has now been resolved. If you know otherwise, please get in touch.

A small number of our customers are reporting that they cannot access the Runbox servers via their Internet service provider.

It appears that there is a problem with one or more Internet service providers outside the Runbox network. Our network carrier Blix, along with carriers Cogent and Telia, are working to identify the problem but as yet there is no known cause and no estimated time for a solution.

If you are experiencing problems reaching the Runbox servers and wish to send us your IP address and a traceroute to, please do as they are useful to the Internet providers trying to sort this out. To do this, enter “tracert” in a Command Prompt window on Windows (or “traceroute” in Terminal on OS X), and copy & paste the result into a support request via

We will post updates here when we know more.


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