Moving to Runbox 6

In order to improve the security of our email services have moved our front page to a new and upgraded server running Runbox 6 at

In preparation for this we have modified Runbox 6 to redirect Runbox 5 users to the corresponding server, if your account settings indicate that you have not yet upgraded to Runbox 6.

In other words, if you have been logging in at and have never clicked the “Switch to Runbox 6” button in Runbox 5, you will be redirected to Runbox 5.

To continue using Runbox 6, please click “Switch to Runbox 6” at the bottom of the folder list in Webmail.

3 thoughts on “Moving to Runbox 6”

  1. I don’t know if you people are aware but I did upgrade to runbox 6 but it reverted back to 5 after a week or so. I only discovered this because I thought it strange that when I tried to send an email today and even though the recipients address was there and correct when sending it would tell me there was no recipient added. Just thought it may be a bug that needs looking at . Cheers Stu

  2. From what I can see, you are on the Basic interface of Runbox6. If you want me to I can change you to Enhanced where you can drag and drop messages.

    It also seems that you have a problem with a partially downloaded page.

    If you are on a Windows computer, then click CTRL+F5

    If you are on Mac: Go to Safari>Empty Cache, or Opt+Cmd+E.

    Did that solve the problem for you?

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