Thank you for your support in 2013!

2013 was the year online privacy really came to the forefront of people’s consciousness, after the surveillance revelations especially in the US and the UK. This had a significant impact on Runbox, whose location in Norway made it the service of choice for many people who were concerned about email privacy.

This in turn increased our focus on privacy and security, and over the past 6 months we have taken steps to improve the security of our services further.

We are now investing heavily in new hardware and are deploying privacy features such as support for PGP encryption in order to push Runbox to the forefront of email security and privacy globally.

So thank you for supporting Runbox in 2013 — let’s make next year even better!


8 thoughts on “Thank you for your support in 2013!”

  1. Dear Runbox, keep up the great work, I am a very satisfied customer and I will recommend you to everybody. Privacy and civil rights are of the most important issues and you have the ethics to respect and protect that. Thank you

  2. Hi Runbox team,

    I’m one of these new customers. Very pleased with your service so far. I’m looking at creating further accounts for family members. PGP encryption would be a great addition. Keep up the good work.



  3. Do you have any plans to implement multi-factor authentication? I’m coming from Gmail and this is a useful security tool. Ideally it would be compatible with Google Authenticator and open source forks such as FreeOTP.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, we are planning two-factor authentication, but we have a few other projects first — for instance a major hardware upgrade currently underway.

  4. I have just started a trial account a few days ago. So far I like the service quite a bit and plan to continue testing for a short while. I think the only characteristic holding me back currently is the lack of at least two factor authentication. I noticed the post above noting you have plans to implement this. Hopefully the implementation date is not too far out. Thanks.

  5. Our main focus is elsewhere right now as we have bought new servers to replace a lot of our infrastructure and new storage for all of our users. This will take a huge focus to implement, but it will be great for our users in the long run. We have had a good run on availability, but we are not happy about performance and these changes will be important in that regard.

    When we started the project on two-factor authentication, we decided we needed to build common authentication for all services (Web, IMAP, SMTP, POP and a lot more). We are about 70% finished on that project and two-factor will hook into that at a later stage.

  6. Hello, when I tried to migrate my old mail from Fastmail to your servers, MigrationWiz said that you are not RFC-compliant. Below is the response:

    —Thank you for contacting MigrationWiz support.

    The IMAP system you are migrating to is quite defective, is not RFC-compliant. It fails when creating folders at the root of the mailbox but we have a solution

    I removed the Root Folder Path and added in “support only options” under your connector:

    FolderMapping=”^->INBOX/” FolderMapping=”INBOX/INBOX->INBOX”

    This was a number of months ago. Have you fixed this?

    1. It is possible to create folders on the root level, but it depends on whether INBOX is set as the root folder path in the IMAP client.

      Regardless, a better solution might be to use Runbox’ own IMAP Import service which is now available in Manager > Retrieve. More information can be found here:

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