Runbox mentioned in The New York Times

In an article in The New York Times discussing the challenges E.U. leaders face in protecting individuals’ data, Runbox is mentioned along with Deutsche Telekom as examples of companies providing services that increasingly protect their customers’ privacy.

Being firmly located in Norway, the Runbox email service is governed by strict privacy regulations and is a safe alternative to American email services as well as cloud-based services that move data across borders and jurisdictions.

Read the full article here: E.U. Leaders Seek Way to Protect Individuals’ Data


14 thoughts on “Runbox mentioned in The New York Times”

  1. Way to go Runbox for making the New York Times! Plenty of new customers will make you a strong sustainable company. Best wishes.

  2. congratulations Runbox!
    I have been with you 12 years and will stay with you for as long as you run. I enjoy doing business with you.
    Thank you for being #1

    Florida, USA

  3. Runbox, Glad to see you get some press!

    Privacy is a growing concern in the USA. I blog on my site,, about the need for more subscription-based application service business models over the “free” marketing-based services. I note my particular experience with Gmail and LinkedIn as my reasons for going to Runbox.

    Yea Runbox!

    Florida, USA

  4. I’m here because of the NYTimes story. I’ll sign up if you tell me your apps run under Ubuntu and on Windows Phone.

  5. Like many of your subscribers, I share a growing concern over privacy issues and mounting frustration with so called “free” marketing-based services.

    To date Runbox is by far, far more efficient than Outlook, GMX, Web or Yahoo; email providers I had experienced nothing but aggravation almost from the “get-go.”

    Runbox’s service is truly 24/7 and its staff polite, timely and thorough. Keep up the good work.


  6. I have recently signed up with the NY Times newspaper, and just a couple of days ago ran acrross an article describing Runbox as a very reliable e-mail service. So I decided to sign up here as well and bought the 1 year middle plan. I also found that configuring Runbox in the stock e-mail client on my LG G Flex smartphone was not that difficult, so from now on I shall recommend Runbox to my friends as well..

    1. Yes, we upgraded OpenSSL on all our servers and installed a new SSL certificate on yesterday. Keep in mind that Runbox supports Perfect Forward Secrecy, which issues unique key pairs for each connection. This would prevent any eavesdropper from retroactively decrypting communications between server and client even if they managed to get the private key:…rward-secrecy/

  7. I mentioned the Runbox service on a US political / news podcast last week to help spread the word!

  8. I just checked my account is so old its listed as started 1/1/1970. Before the internet.
    Love runbox and its staff. Glad to see you are getting some recognition at last.
    Thank you

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