[Resolved] Server problems; service inaccessible

We’re having problems with an unresponsive central server which is affecting much of the Runbox email system and causing the email service to be inaccessible. We’re working to resolve it and expect to be operating normally within 30-45 minutes.

Update 01:15 CET: We are back online and investigating what happened. In any event this was a server that is soon to be replaced.


2 thoughts on “[Resolved] Server problems; service inaccessible”

  1. I ordered the download for a 2005 dodge ram 2500 4×4 diesel about 2 hours ago and it still hasn’t come through my email. What’s the hold-up?


    1. There are no indications of delays on our servers now. Please contact Support at https://support.runbox.com with details if the message still haven’t arrived. Otherwise you may look at the message headers to see where it was delayed.

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