[Completed] Email Alias Quota Increased to 100

In order to further simplify our price plans and improve our offering we have decided to increase the email alias quota of all account subscriptions to 100 (except the Max plan which already has it).

This change has already taken effect, which you can tell from the Alias Administration screen.

If you are wondering what an email alias is and what it can be used for, it’s basically an alternative email address pointing to your Runbox account. This is very useful in order to manage identities/profiles, especially if you host a domain with Runbox.

For more information and tips, head over to our help page on Aliases!


2 thoughts on “[Completed] Email Alias Quota Increased to 100”

  1. That´s great, if I understand it well we have now 100 aliases with our account, but…
    what will happen with those who payed for more aliases?. Will they lose the aliases they are using now when the subscription is over (because now they get 100 with no extra cost).

    1. If you have purchased alias products so that your alias quota was over 100 you will now have 100 + what was purchased. This will last until the alias add-on expires, at which point the quota will be 100.

      If your account’s alias quota was less than 100 it will now be 100, but if you need more than that please contact us and we will take care of it.

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