New front page design

As you may have noticed we have upgraded our front page to better convey Runbox’ offering and our values. We hope you like it!

If you would like a simpler login screen, just click the “Simple Login” link underneath the login area (which you can then bookmark in your browser).


10 thoughts on “New front page design”

  1. Front page designs look great, but how about a status update on backend features? Namely TLS 1.2 and 2 factor authentication? Runbox is unfortunately falling behind compared to other companies.

  2. I don’t care about this gimmicky flashy lights type stuff. Where is 2 factor authentication?? This is 2015 not 2005!

    1. Si: 2FA is slightly more complicated and we wanted our front page to look more modern than 2005 as well — but it is one of our top priorities.

  3. Is there any kind of time frame for the two factor authentication? I have a friend who is looking hard at runbox, but not until that 2FA is in place.

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