TLS Upgraded for Incoming Email

Today we have upgraded the TLS (Transport Layer Security) of our incoming email servers to support version 1.2, which is the most recent. This means that when email is sent to Runbox from other services, the highest level of encryption will be used if the other service supports it.

This also means that all communication between your email program and Runbox now uses TLS 1.2 (if supported by your email program).


3 thoughts on “TLS Upgraded for Incoming Email”

  1. Some explanation needed.

    In the macOS native Mail app in the Server Settings > Advanced IMAP Settings is requesting the IMAP Path Prefix (what’s the path?) and then the TLS Certificate (where from to get the certificate?)


    1. You can leave the IMAP Path Prefix empty, and the TLS certificate will automatically be downloaded and applied.

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