Launch of CalDAV calendar service

Today we officially launch our CalDAV calendar service. With CalDAV you can store your calendars on Runbox’ servers using calendar apps on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

CalDAV lets you store your calendar items online and synchronize them across multiple devices. You can create events, recurring events, alarms and also invite other people to add events to their own calendars. Additionally you can create reminders/to-do lists and use those in your favorite notes app.

How to set up CalDAV

To use CalDAV you will need these details:

  • Username: Enter your Runbox username. If you use your own domain name, the username format is you@nulldomainyouown.tld.
  • Password: Enter your Runbox password.
  • Server Address: Enter

For details on how to set up your CalDAV program or app, please see the CalDAV help page. And if you have any questions about this service, please contact Runbox Support.

Runbox CalDAV is the first of a new collection of services that will also include CardDAV (contacts) and WebDAV (file storage), so look out for more news in the weeks and months ahead.


21 thoughts on “Launch of CalDAV calendar service”

  1. You should focus on implementing DKIM and letting mail clients train the spam filter by moving spam into/out of the spam folder via IMAP instead of superfluous calendar and file storage services.

    1. This thread is for comments about this particular blog post. However, projects like DKIM and spam filtering are implemented by a different team to CalDAV and related services; as such their development is not impacted by any other services we launch in the meantime 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Great news, but apparently the invitations do not work out-of-the box, at least on iOS. I tried to invite someone from my iPhone, but the person did not receive any invitation email. I tried the same from my iCloud calendar, on the same device, and it worked fine.
    Did someone else try the invitation feature?


    1. That’s unusual. I’ve just tried this on an iPhone without any problems and an email was received by the recipient address with an attachment that can be opened by a local calendar client so the event can be added to that calendar. If you want to open a support ticket with us about this we can look in to this further. Alternatively maybe describe the steps you went through so we can compare notes 🙂

  3. @Aurelien,

    I’m sure that Runbox Support will help to resolve your issue. Keep in mind that there’s generally two places for email to go….. Inbox or Spam/Junk. Is it possible that the email was routed to the recipient’s Junk folder instead? Always worth checking there for missing emails.

    @Runbox, congrats on the final launch.

  4. Hi,

    I checked and there was indeed a misconfiguration in the receiver’s email system. So I can confirma that invites were efefctively sent.
    I have nevertheless issues with confirmations and cancelations, but I’ll first double check that with support.


  5. Hello,

    congrats to the new service. One question: any chance to get a web client or integration in Roundcube.


  6. Hi there.

    Is there any web frontend, or will it be developed in a near future?

    Carlos Dourado

  7. There is no web front-end for calendar with the webmail and it not something that is very close.

  8. Hooray! Finally I and the whole family can go Google free!

    Web front end isn’t all that important for us right now (easily done with a php client sitting on individual Runbox web hosting), but the ability to connect mobile and desktop calendar clients to a private calendar server in the cloud is the best gift I’ve been given this summer. Many thanks to the Runbox team for their efforts in deploying this new feature>

  9. Just to agree with some of the previous comments, its great to have calendars that we can READ and WRITE across multiple OS’s, Previously I was limited to read / write only on Mac OS X (now MacOS) and read only on mobile Android devices, its great to be able to do everything everywhere!

    Web interface isn’t an issue for me, use clients everywhere, they generally have better security than a browser! MacOS Contacts just works out of the box, Android just needs a “DAV” adapter and then you can use the Calendar App of your choice! Also gives the ability to make local backups of the data as well.

    CardDav next!

  10. So wait a second. There is no web view (front end?) for looking at calendar events? Am I reading this properly? If that is the case you have lost a potential PAYING client. Agree with Mike’s comment….really??

  11. Congrats on launching new functionality, but no front end is a deal-breaker for me. If I lose or break my phone, I would have no calendar access at all. I would pay an extra fee for the front end. It doesn’t have to be top of the line. Support multiple calendars, and color coding them and I’m good. I don’t need weather, and integration with 50 other apps.

  12. Hi guys.

    I am now a regular user of your CalDav service.

    I believe it is a few steps behind the same service by Google or Microsoft, but it is quite OK, nevertheless.

    However, there is something missing… extremely important: calendar sharing. I would like to be able to access my family member’s shared calendar, as well as create a shared calendar for them to know about some events.

    I contacted support and I was told that is not possible yet.

    Do you plan to implement it? What is the roadmap?

    P.S.: a CalDav frontend should be in your plans….

  13. I agree with Carlos Dourado, I love the service but I miss calendar sharing a lot. Please, try to implement it as soon as possible.

  14. there is something missing… extremely important: calendar sharing. I would like to be able to access my family member’s shared calendar

  15. Jordi: It is available from the same server and has been for a long time. We have not advertised it as there is no integration with the old webmail.

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