Runbox is leaving the Facebook platform


At Runbox we work conscientiously every day to ensure that we act in accordance with our Company Values, and as an extension of these, our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

We have carefully implemented these policies in order to protect our users’ privacy as outlined in our Privacy Commitment, and we are currently working hard to obtain compliancy with the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation introduced by the EU.

This also means that we are conscious about how Runbox interacts with other Internet services such as social media networks. Therefore we have been disappointed by the recent revelations about the privacy intrusions and unethical practices by Facebook.

As a consequence we have decided to remove the Runbox page from the Facebook platform.

11 thoughts on “Runbox is leaving the Facebook platform”

  1. Excellent.

    I hope that other providers of similar services do likewise, otherwise they will loose my business.

  2. That is the ONLY correct decision Runbox could have made regarding Facebook. The average user is just not aware of how Facebook tracks everyone that does NOT have a Facebook account. Yes, that is right, even if you do not have a Facebook account they track you in what they call their “off-line”. There are many ways they do this, loo long to list but basically it comes down to tracking these people through secondary means from facebook accounts that have some kind of connections to you and through many thousands of websites that have their advertising and tracking scripts loaded. Facebook is much worse than you can ever imagine.

  3. OK.

    Will you be present in any social media site?

    Google + has a… but I doubt it is you guys! 😉

  4. I actually think it would be better to keep your Facebook page with just a message and indications to other means to interact with Runbox.

    By deleting the page, you open the door to other people to take over your name. Also it fails to bring awareness to the people who are in Facebook and unaware of the problem, people who could become aware when landing on your facebook page.

    By removing the “dissident voice” from facebook, facebook becomes more of an echo chamber

  5. For companies to say that they are “Ethically responsible” and “committed” is easy, but to act upon those words is harder. Kudos to you guys at runbox for doing what is right!

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