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Runbox was reviewed by PC Magazine recently and given high marks for the privacy and security aspects of our email service, while they noted that account administration and business features could be improved upon.

And while they’re not enthused by the webmail, they obviously haven’t had a chance to test drive the new Runbox 7 Webmail yet!

7 thoughts on “Runbox reviewed by PC Magazine”

  1. I read the article, and i can say that as a customer of Runbox I completely disagree with their assessment. I am a firm believer of compartmentalization, sometimes we do not need to “integrate” all services we own, and for e-mail, i do not feel like i have to collaborate… because the E-Mail service is to send emails.

    I appreciate the path that runbox continues to go, which is enforcing privacy and security, please carry on like that.

  2. I agree. There are some quirks but I do appreciate the personal service from Runbox, the security, the lack of spam and the hydropowering.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback — we are continuing in the same vein with new services and features, so keep checking our blog for updates. 🙂

  3. I like runbox just the way it is. You do not have to go along with everything new. I use runbox for my emails and everyday I am happy to just work with my emails. If I want more I have a tablet and my phone and all that is sufficient. Love the way you do things. Thanks

  4. Very happy with Runbox the way it is, especially the lack of
    adverts etc. Find it quick and easy to use.

    Am fairly keen on computer security and not impressed
    by people who ignore it or who are prepared to compromise
    it for gimmicky activities. Often the cost of a free service
    can be too much.

    Notice that PC Magazine extol the virtues of Google and MS.
    Have no wish to be bombarded with ‘tailored’ spam just
    because the likes of Google have read my emails.

  5. For me, the core service from Runbox is a solid and reasonably fast IMAP/SMTP email service. The CalDav and CardDav services that you run are also very much appreciated. It means that I don’t have to sign up to any other privacy busting services to get these. Thanks for that.

    The web mail interface isn’t really key for me. I use it occasionally and it does the job just fine for me, though I do understand why you’d want to “update” it. The Runbox7 update is interesting, especially with it being am IMAP client which you are releasing as free software under the GPL3 licence.

    The fact that Runbox develops relatively slowly and carefully is a very good thing to my mind. Services that develop quickly on whims, just hoping that everything will hold together long enough to get money from customers, are not attractive to me. Overblown claims, unrealistic pricing, and a “shiny” service that isn’t reliable are not good signs.

    A frontend for viewing your CalDav service would be nice, but, fundamentally, I’m not interested in huge “collaboration” services with that dilute the focus on a reliable email service, and just add more and more problems with security and privacy. I use GNU Emacs (for email and many other things), and I can handle all the “collaboration” I need right here.

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