Configuration change for some email programs (port 465)

On Thursday, October 27, we will perform a configuration change on the Runbox email servers that affects a few of our users.

If your email program (such as Outlook and Thunderbird) is using port 465 for sending email (SMTP), please read on.

If you don’t know whether your email program is using port 465, please check the settings for your Runbox account in your email program.

What is being changed?

In order to conform to email protocol standards and to correct a problem affecting Android-powered smart phones, the outgoing (SMTP) port 465 will now require that SSL (secure connections) is enabled.

This change will also affect other email programs that use port 465.

What you can do

Different email programs react differently to this change, and you might not have to do anything at all.

If you have trouble sending email after the change is completed on Thursday, please update your email program’s outgoing (SMTP) settings to use SSL.

Alternatively, change your program’s outgoing (SMTP) port number from 465 to 587, which will work both with SSL and without.

If none of this works, you can remove the settings for outgoing email and set them up again according to these instructions:

If you have any questions regarding this change, please open a support ticket at



1 thought on “Configuration change for some email programs (port 465)”

  1. Hi,

    No matter what I try to set my runbox account on my Android based Samsung Galaxy S2, I cannot SEND emails. It fails every time.

    Receiving is fine, but sending fails.

    I have followed all the required steps.

    Please help.


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