Possible delays on outgoing email

17:00 CET (11 AM EST)
We need to replace a disk in the server responsible for delivering outgoing email, which means that email sent by our users will be delayed a few minutes while the server is down.

Everything should work normally in Webmail and in your email client, but email you send will be queued on other servers until the server is brought back online.

No email will be lost or rejected during this routine operation, which should only last a few minutes.


1 thought on “Possible delays on outgoing email”

  1. I am still having a lot of time delays in sending outgoing emails with attachments. It takes forever to send an attachment. I also tried uploading the file to my file area and sending from there (which I don’t really want to do), and it still takes a long time to send. Several times I just clicked send and went out of the house and did errands. I have been really frustrated with Runbox lately.

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