Regarding concerns over US surveillance legislation

There are some who are concerned about US authorities’ ability to monitor their citizens’ data. According to the EU report “Fighting cyber crime and protecting privacy in the cloud” (PDF, 1.3 MB), a little known piece of legislation could give US authorities the right to access foreign users’ data stored in the US as well.

Data stored outside the US, for instance in Norway where all the Runbox email servers are located, is not affected by this legislation.

If you have any concerns about the privacy of your Runbox email, please see our Privacy Policy and our article Email Privacy and Offshore Email.

7 thoughts on “Regarding concerns over US surveillance legislation”

  1. Been using Runbox since 2001. Friends and family think I am crazy for paying for email, but it has been worth every dime.

    Thank you for protecting our privacy

  2. As per Mark’s comment: “Thank you for protecting our privacy”
    This was my original reason for joining Runbox, and that + the great service and and fantastic customer care has gotten me to stay. Keep it up! 😉

  3. I too joined for the data privacy and protection. I think it’s worth repeating for the good folks at Runbox so that they are aware (and I am sure they already know) that it is an important reason their clients joined.

    1. Thank you for the feedback — you can rest assured that this will continue to be of the utmost importance to us.

  4. I hope that you’ll provide full encryption not just in transit (SMTPS), but also for email storage. Mailbox should only be decrypted upon providing the correct user’s credentials.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion — we have been discussing full encryption for a while and might provide it in the future.

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