Countering the recent spam surge

Over the past 8-10 days we have seen a significant surge in incoming spam, especially about weight loss.

We are working to reject more of this type of spam centrally, and hope to have achieved this as of today.

But if your account is still severely affected, there are things you can do to improve the situation meanwhile:

Most of our customers report that their spam filter does catch the spam, but that going through the Spam folder looking for legitimate messages becomes too big a task due to the large number of spam messages.

If this is affecting you, please see the following article on how to set up an extra filter to separate the very obvious spam from the messages the spam filter is less certain about and that you should review manually:

If your spam filter doesn’t catch this type of spam, please make sure that your Trainable Spam Filter is enabled in Manager:Filter, and that you train any missed spam mails using the Report Spam button.

6 thoughts on “Countering the recent spam surge”

  1. We added more custom spam rules centrally last night and we seem to be curbing most of this spam now.

  2. spam e-mails re weight loss /or credit rating are ruining my enjoyment of receiving legitimate e-mails and clogging up my e-mail box. Was considering closing / setting up new one down e-mail address to avoid spam . Hope your recomendations work .

    cheers des

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