New Privacy Products Available

Runbox prioritizes security, reliability, and privacy above all else. As you probably know, Runbox’ email servers are hosted in Norway, and Runbox Solutions operates under Norwegian legislation which protects our customers’ data.

Our services are protected by Extended Validation SSL with Perfect Forward Secrecy, ensuring encrypted communications between client and server. We enforce a strong Privacy Policy and we do not share any account details or user data with any third party.

To complement our security and privacy features we are now launching the following products:

No Backup

Store your email and files on a separate, dedicated disk volume without backup. This means that when you delete an email it is immediately and permanently removed from our servers.

Read more about No Backup

Domain Registration in Norway

You can register any top-level domain (TLD) name with a Norwegian registrar via Runbox and operating under Norwegian jurisdiction.

By registering a domain name ending with for instance .no, .cc, or .co, your domain’s records are kept in Norway and in the country corresponding with the TLD of your choice.

Read more about Domain Registration in Norway

Domain Management

Runbox can register a domain name for your exclusive use. Runbox Solution’s company name, address, and contact information will be used and we will be the legal registrant. Your personal or business details will not be associated with the domain name, but you will be reserved the right to use it exclusively.

Read more about Domain Management


10 thoughts on “New Privacy Products Available”

  1. Well, those are high prices…

    Please, adopt sha2 in the certificate and 2 factor authentication, it´s more necessary.

    1. Yes, they are premium products that we added by popular request.

      We are planning certificate upgrades and 2FA support as well.

  2. Thank you Geir, I think sha1 is not safe nowadays, many servers are moving to sha2, and we need 2FA asap 🙂

  3. Quite unique offerings!

    Does the ‘Domain Management’ product include the oost of registering a domain? Could I register a .no domain and use Runbox’s details for Registrant, Admin, Tech, etc all for 50 bucks a year?

    That’s appealing because a)I don’t have a Norwegian postal address, so I don’t think I would be able to register a .no domain and b) as a European, I really don’t like ICANN’s RAA 2013 rules on data retention (if I registered a gTLD through Runbox, ICANN can retain Runbox’s data for 2 years after I leave, not mine!)

  4. Yes, please add 2 factor authentication! There are too many angles of approach these days in order to obtain a person’s password. And thus I see this security measure as the bare minimum requirement as far as account security goes. Especially for something so essential, and so personal as email. Add this feature, and you have an instant customer!

    I use Authy on my Android devices and it is absolutely lovely since it allows me to sync the codes across my devices. So please dev team: use “Google” style 2 factor authentication, opposed to Text message authentication.

  5. We cant give a date right now as we are not close to completing it. We hope to be clearer in 2-3 months.

    The main projects visible to customers for 2015 are 2FA, Calendar/Contacts and PGP in the Webmail.

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