Projects in the pipeline 2015

We have worked hard on upgrading our email server park to accommodate all our new customers — and things will only get better: Based on our recent success, our shareholders decided to invest fresh capital to start several new projects that will take Runbox to the next level.

To boost IMAP performance and improve the experience especially for iPhone and iPad users we will soon deploy new Dovecot-based IMAP software.

We have started implementing an SSD (Solid-state Drive) based storage strategy to dramatically improve the performance of our email storage units. SSDs are up to 100 times faster than regular, rotating disks, so this will improve the speed of our IMAP services.

We are also expanding our server park with new servers and upgrades to continue improving reliability and overall performance.

Projects planned for 2015

We will continue working hard to ensure the privacy and security of your data, and have the following projects lined up for next year:

  • Implementation of two-factor authentication for improved login security.
  • Integration of PGP email encryption with our Webmail in order to make PGP easier to use with Runbox (note that you can already use PGP in your email client).
  • Improvements and upgrades to our spam servers and software to keep up with the ever-present spam challenge.
  • Implementation of a CalDAV server for calendar synchronization.

We look forward to continue providing great email services in the year to come.


36 thoughts on “Projects in the pipeline 2015”

  1. Please support TLSV1.2 for STARTTLS. Vulnerabilities in older versions of TLS are being discovered and many major providers inclusing Google, Yahoo, GMX, already support it.

  2. If you are thinking about POODLE, then recent findings show that actually all TLS versions are vulnerable for some configurations. We are looking into this.

  3. This is correct about poodle, it depends on the implementation as to how the padding is handled. Adam Langley from google also said ‘everything less than TLS 1.2 with an AEAD cipher suite is cryptographically broken’. Please deloy across all services at Runbox.

  4. Hello,

    When you go implement the Hotmail Sweep option “Delete all from Inbox ” when you click the chosen email message?

    This will for sure release more space from your servers!

    Thank you,

    Best regards

    Nuno Mira

  5. Pls make a project for contact sync, we really need that to move out out of Icloud.
    I would really appreciated.
    Thank you

  6. I really like the new interface, but I was sort of bummed that I still have to grab the Subject of the email to be able to drag-and-drop the email in another folder. It would be nice to grab an email just by clicking anywhere on it’s row.

    I have been looking for a nice way to synchronise my contacts between devices as well. Do you have any carddav plans? I still haven’t found any well-made carddav to webmail sync though, so I guess it must be hard.

  7. Wonderful, love the AEREO Bold especially,
    all neat and clear. Easier on the eyes!
    Look forward to more colours too, and all projects for 2015…
    Happy holidays to all

  8. Would be good if you could also manage the known issues with deleted messages and drafts. Many clients still don’t really delete messages and drafts, other clients do, some clients do still show them, other clients don’t. The new web GUI shows such messages striked through (I’m still not sure), which would then be much better than before. But over all there must be a more consistent solution which works for all clients.

  9. Rogga: The reason you can’t drag anywhere on the message row is that you can click anywhere on it to check its checkbox.

    And yes, we have plans for CardDAV too, but it’s more complicated as it will have to be integrated with or replace the existing Contacts feature at some point.

  10. I like the new interface very much. The old one looked like it was from 1998, this looks modern and pretty. I am also happy to hear about these upcoming updates. Is “push” service part of these updates? Right now I have to use polling on my smartphone clients, and on the iPhone the max poll frequency you can set is 15 mins (in the mail app) which is too long.

  11. Dear Runbox, please please please get the fonts operational, ideally that we can choose the font we wish for the emails. The HTML never works for more than a line or two, often it turns everything back to the ugly one here etc. There are constant glitches. This should be simple to fix, please put your webmaster onto it.It ruins the experience of using the mail service here, to not have free choice and to have the tools not work.

    Many thanks,
    tak tak,

    1. We don’t have any other reports about this as far as I know. Which browser are you using, please? And does it happen every time?

  12. I love the new interface.
    I hate the search function. It renders bizarre results.
    And how about a “conversation” view (aka “threaded” view back in the day?)

    All in all, still a great service!

  13. I second the call for contacts sync (two ways; true sync). I’m stuck between iCal and Google, and neither work how I’d want. And, it’s annoying that if I add a contact to my phone that the email isn’t updated in Runbox– it’s too fragmented right now. Thanks!

  14. Joe: If the search function isn’t working properly it might help to re-index your account — contact Support with your Runbox username if you’d like to try that.

    Also, have you tried It’s a scaled down version of the Webmail which might work better on smaller devices.

  15. Some ideas for your gpg implementation:

    – automatically encryption of incoming unencrypted mails with own pgp public key
    – automatically encryption of outgoing emails (via SMTP, too) where the public key is stored in the contact book

  16. Great news! I’m looking very much forward to the CalDAV features. I support Rogga and Martin on their CardDAV request as well…

  17. CalDav and CardDav should both be on this roadmap. Integrating scheduling and contacts with email goes hand in hand. just implementing CalDav leaves a very large hole. I can schedule events but I will be the only one who shows up since I CardDav will be missing 🙂

  18. Great experience with Runbox so far, on my personal list for the web interface:
    – conversation / threaded view
    – advanced tagging: multiple messages, tag filters, virtual folders
    – advanced date searching with the new search

  19. Hi Runbox. Thank you for a great product and service so far! It would be really nice with carddav integration – more important than caldav if you ask me, since your main product is email providing, wherin contacts synchronization must be more relevant than calendar synchronization… Do you have any plans regarding carddav?

  20. Calendar will most likely come after the current crop of projects we are working on.

    Right now the main focus is on 2FA, spam improvements, Dovecot transition and domain registration and management.

  21. Is there any way to completely disable access to webmail before 2FA is available?…
    Also, it would be great to have Yubikey (OTP) tokens added to the 2FA mix. Cheers!

  22. Hi,

    any Updates or Timelines for the 2FA Impelementation? Is something like an automatically encryption of incoming unencrypted mails with own pgp public key on your Agenda? Will you support DANE? Cert Pinning?

  23. 2FA for Webmail is mostly finished and we are working hard to rebuild how services authenticate going forward. This is the main project and we hope to reach delivery before the end of the year.

    PGP in the Webmail is a more long term project we are working on.

    DANE is in the pipeline.

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