Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updates

On July 1st, 2015 Runbox will introduce updated Terms of Service and a more detailed Privacy Policy.

We strongly recommend that you review the documents as they comprise the contract between you and Runbox. They also form the backbone of legal protection of your data, anchored in strong Norwegian privacy regulations.

We have worked hard to make the documents clear, balanced, and easy to understand, and we think you will agree upon reviewing them.

Please note that the changes apply to all current and future Runbox accounts, and that by continuing to use Runbox you in effect accept the updated terms and policies.

New Terms of Service

The Terms of Service only have minor modifications and clarifications made, mainly regarding what kind of services we offer, the registration of personal data, bulk mailing using Runbox, and reselling of our services.

New Terms of Service

New Privacy Policy

The new Privacy Policy contains much more detail about how Runbox protects your privacy. These updates are part of our long-term effort to strengthen the protection of our customers’ data and increase our compliancy with Norwegian and international standards for online privacy and security.

New Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about our new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy please contact Runbox Support.

You might also be interested in our new Company Values and About Runbox pages, as well as the Runbox Privacy Commitment.

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