New function: Templates

After popular request we have implemented a new function: Webmail Templates! This means you can save and reuse templates from the Compose screen. Just click “Save template” in Compose and the template will appear in the new Templates folder at the top of your folder list (just refresh the page if it’s not visible).

The saved templates will remain in your Templates folder unless deleted manually.

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Runbox 5 in beta

After several months of working on Runbox 5 we are finally ready to invite everyone to try out the new Webmail!

Runbox 5 is a major upgrade to the Runbox Webmail service and includes several new features:

  • Improved look and feel in a faster and more responsive Webmail
  • Nested folder hierarchy with subfolders
  • Drag & drop messages
  • New Compose screen with a state of the art HTML editor
  • Drafts are auto-saved and can be synchronized over IMAP
  • Improved Preferences screen
  • Retrieve email from accounts at Gmail or Hotmail (over SSL)

Try it out at or find out more in the Runbox 5 beta upgrade guide.

You can expect more improvements and upgrades in the time to come!

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Support for retrieval from Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail added

You can now use the Retrieve feature under Manager in runbox to retrieve mail from Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail accounts.

Gmail requires secure mode (SSL) for their POP3 service, which is now available as an option on the Retrieve page from the runbox Beta web interface. The settings for retrieving from Gmail can be found on the Retrieve help page.

Windows Live Hotmail are discontinuing the HTTP access method, which has allowed runbox users to retrieve mails from there via our Retrieve feature via a special setup. Instead, they now support regular POP3 access. The settings for retrieving from Hotmail can be found on the Retrieve help page.

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