Runbox 7 Webmail closed beta test update

Runbox 7The response to the Runbox 7 Webmail closed beta test has been overwhelming, and to ensure sufficient capacity and performance we are giving access to beta testers gradually over the next few weeks.

We still have some open spots, so if you would like to participate send an email as soon as possible to with the subject “Runbox 7 Webmail beta test”.

4 thoughts on “Runbox 7 Webmail closed beta test update”

  1. Im a Beta Tester. I know that if Im on my Android tablet I execute


    What do I do in Windows 7 to get the beta app instead of the regular version?

    1. Hi George,

      You do exactly the same on Windows 7 (and any other platform) as on your Android tablet.

      Please contact Runbox Support if you have any problems at all.

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