[Resolved] Disrupted service 16.04.2015

We had 2 hours of downtime today that was caused by electrical problems that took out our Top of the Rack switches.

The problem was between 14:00 and 16:00 and was fixed by an electrician at the data center.

We are very sorry about the problems this caused for our users and we will be looking at ways to avoid any similar event in the future.

You can follow us on Twitter for more instant updates: https://twitter.com/runbox

UPDATE: After the power outage one of the spam filter servers did not restart as it should have, causing some spam to not be caught. The server is being restarted now and spam filtering should return to normal shortly.

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Notice to Apple Mail users regarding APOP

Today we disabled SSL 3.0 for POPS (Secure POP) and changed how we terminate POP connections to make it more secure.

Some Apple Mail users are using the server address apop.runbox.com and/or the authentication setting: Authenticated POP (APOP) in Apple Mail.

To change the account settings, please follow these instructions:

  1. Mail => Preferences to open the Accounts dialog.
  2. Select your Runbox account in the left pane.
  3. In “Incoming Mail Server”, enter: secure.runbox.com
  4. Click the Advanced button.
  5. Make sure the port is set to: 995
  6. Under “Authentication”, select: Password (Previously Authenticated POP)
  7. Click the red button in the top left corner to close Accounts.
  8. Click Save.

We added a Apple Mail compatible setup on the 13th of February 2013 after an update to Mail from Apple broke authentication for many users.

The new settings is a more secure way of using POP and will make sure your connection with our servers always use TLS (Transport Layer Security) or it will fail.

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Migration from bigdog.runbox.net

We’d like to let you know that we’ll migrate all Runbox Web Hosting accounts currently residing on bigdog.runbox.net on:

Sunday, 28th and Monday 29th of December 2014

The accounts will be moved to a new server named host02.runbox.net, with better performance and increased reliability.

Please continue reading for important information about how this affects your website.

NEW SERVER: host02.runbox.net

Our new US based web hosting server Host02 is equipped with a Xeon E5 processor, 48 GB memory, and 2 * 500 GB SSD (Solid-State Drive) for super fast response times. Performance monitoring and backup of stored data is of course included.

Note: Runbox also offers Norwegian web hosting — please contact us for more information.

Upgraded software packages

This migration will also include some software upgrades:

  • MySQL will be upgraded from MySQL 5.0.96 to Percona Server 5.5.37.
  • Default PHP version will be upgraded from 5.3.15 to 5.5.16.


When we migrate to the new server, all accounts must change their DNS (Domain Name System) record to point their domain to the new server’s IP address.

You either have your domain’s DNS records hosted on Runbox’ servers or with an external domain registrar. If you don’t know where your DNS is hosted you can look it up for instance at http://intodns.com

  • If the Name Server field is ns1.runbox.net and ns2.runbox.net, your DNS is hosted with Runbox.
    If you have DNS hosted with Runbox, you don’t have to do anything as we will update your DNS settings to point to the new server’s IP address.
  • If you are using an external DNS service such as GoDaddy or Enom, the IPs your domain(s) are resolving to won’t auto-update. You will have to manually change all occurrences of the old IP address to the new IP address:


During the account migration and for up to a few hours, your domain name might still be pointing to the old server because it takes time for the DNS updates to propagate through the Internet. This depends on your domain’s DNS settings and the ISP you’re using.

Accessing your account during migration

Once the migration of the data in your account has been performed, and before the new DNS settings have propagated, you may see a page on your website noting that ‘This account has been moved.’ Don’t fret! You can access your cPanel and your files immediately on the new server by going to https://host02.runbox.net/cpanel and logging in with your Web Hosting username.

If you use an FTP client to manage your files on the server and you’re using bigdog.runbox.net as FTP host instead of your domain name, you will have to change to host02.runbox.net after migration.

If you have a dedicated IP address, you can also find the new IP address for your domain by logging in to https://host02.runbox.net/cpanel.

If you want to contact us about this migration, please open a support ticket here https://support.runbox.com or use the contact form: https://runbox.com/contact/

UPDATE 31.12.2014 18:15 CET: The migration is taking longer than expected due to the large number of accounts. The sysadmins are working as quickly as possible, but note that there might be some downtime for your website during this process.

UPDATE 01.01.2015 12:00 CET: The migration has completed and all websites should be running normally again. The new server is performing very well with plenty of capacity to spare, so all websites should be responding quickly and reliably.

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