Server upgrades and scheduled downtime

In order to improve our email services we will perform server replacements with the scheduled downtime:

*** Wednesday, December 12 at 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM CET ***

(5:30-7:30 GMT / 12:30-2:30 AM EST / 9:30-11:30 PM Dec 11 PST)

This means that the Runbox email services to be unavailable for up to 2 hours while the replacement take place.

The downtime should be outside business hours for most of our customers, but we know you depend on your Runbox email and we will work as efficiently as possible.

Incoming email will be queued on our servers and will be delivered once our system is fully operational again.

What you can do

If you usually check your email during this time, please log on either well before or after that interval on Wednesday.

To keep updated you can check our Blog at and Twitter at

What we are doing

We are switching to two much more powerful database servers which will improve both performance and reliability of our email services, since the second server can take over in case the first one goes down.

This server replacement is one of the last on our system that will need extended downtime.

Why it is being done

This is part of our server upgrade plan in which most of our servers are being replaced and/or virtualized.

By replacing or virtualizing our servers we greatly improve the reliability of our email services since we will not only be running better hardware, but will be able to move services across our servers much more easily.

We apologize if the upgrade causes any inconvenience for you and appreciate your understanding!

Thank you,

The Runbox Team

UPDATE 12.12.2012 7 AM CET: Please go to the main page at for updates.

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Server upgrades and scheduled downtime

We will upgrade our application servers with more memory and our services will be unavailable while we replace the RAM.

The upgrade will be done Tuesday June 26 at approximately 7:30 AM CET (5:30 AM GMT, 1:30 AM EST) and it will take 30-60 minutes to complete.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

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Major spam filter upgrade

We have performed a major upgrade of the main Runbox spam filter (SpamAssassin) to the most recent version (3.3.1) and it’s running a fresh spam rule set that’s more aggressive towards spam.

We recommend that you check your spam folders for any misclassified messages during the next few days, and correct your trainable spam filter (if activated on the Filter page) using the “Not spam” link if necessary.

Furthermore, we have implemented a global filter that rejects messages that are virtually guaranteed to be spam (i.e. if the SpamAssassin score is 7 or more). This will significantly decrease the amount of spam that passes through to the user-level spam filters, and decrease the load on practically all levels of the system.

No email will be lost as a consequence of this change — in the very unlikely eventuality that a legitimate message is rejected, the sending server will be notified that the message was believed to be spam so that the sender can try again.

For more information about how Runbox fights spam, see our Anti-spam section.

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