Maintenance phase

Earlier this year you will remember that we moved the servers that handle your email to a new data center. At the same time we partnered with a new systems management partner (Copyleft Solutions) and have spent some time since then getting used to working together and getting all the documentation and routines in order.

We have now started a maintenance phase where we will perform various behind the scenes configuration improvements and minor upgrades. This will make the systems easier to maintain, improve service snappiness and lay the foundation for future development of our services.

The maintenance phase will last approximately 2 months, and to allow for the flexibility needed during this phase we are likely to schedule minor downtimes with relatively short notice.

We will try to give at least 2 days notice on our website, and on each occasion the downtime is expected to be less than 15 minutes.

We understand that service disruption can be a problem, but will be grateful for your patience while we work to make Runbox a better and more responsive service.

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Pictures from the Move

Here are some pictures from the move showing our old and new Data Center, our servers, and some of our sysadmins.

All in all the process involved around 2 weeks of planning, 10 people, 3 cars, a few hundred feet of cable, 10 hours of deracking, driving, and installing, and a week cleaning up afterwards.

It’s good to know that Perdita, Pongo, Patch, Penny, Pepper, Taishi, Rambo, Takara, Tinkerbell, Chernushka, Strelka, Bars, Pink, Oscar, Fenris, Greyhound, Odie, Marmaduke, and Sirius are all running smoothly in their new pound!

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Post-move status

We have been busy cleaning up after yesterday’s big (and long) move and want to thank everyone for your patience while we got everything running the way it should.

Currently the status is:

  • Webmail, POP, IMAP, and SMTP should be working normally for all users since we located and corrected a proxy problem this afternoon (which was actually introduced before we moved and had to do with the format of distributed authentication files).
  • All email that was queued during the transition has been delivered to their respective accounts.
  • We have some issues with messages sent from the Webmail that we’re investigating.
  • We still have some timeouts on FTP that we’re working on.

Our new sysadmin team is already hard at work making the service more reliable, and once we have all the support systems and routines in place across our organizations we will work more efficiently together.

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Server relocation: Scheduled downtime Tuesday June 14

Server Relocation and Email Downtime – Tuesday June 14 10-14 CET (08-12 GMT / 05-09 AM EDT / 02-06 AM PDT)

We’re excited to announce that Runbox is partnering with a new server hosting and management company, Copyleft Solutions. As part of this change we will move our email server park to a new Data Center on Tuesday June 14 between approximately 10 and 14 CET.

How will this affect me?

Our email services, including Webmail, POP, IMAP, and SMTP, will be inaccessible for about 4 hours while the servers are being moved. Incoming email will normally be queued on the sending servers, but users of mailing list services such as Yahoo Groups might want to suspend those to avoid bouncing of incoming email.

The Runbox Web Hosting services will *not* be affected as they are hosted in a different location. All web sites and domains hosted with Runbox will continue to work normally.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the relocation.

What can I do?

We recommend that you check your email before the scheduled downtime. While we are migrating it will not be possible for you to access your email.

You will not need to change any settings in your email client. It will work normally once our servers are online again.

(For those who have been using our IP address ( instead of a regular server name, please change this to

To get updates about the relocation and when the services will be online again, please check this page, Twitter, or

If you have any questions, please use the Support Center at

Why are you relocating?

Runbox is partnering with Copyleft Solutions,¬†a Norwegian company focusing on secure hosting and open source¬†software. Copyleft Solutions shares Runbox’ values and core principles, and we¬†will be their preferred email provider going forward.

The partnership will strengthen both companies in the long-term as we¬†also share many goals and interests — first and foremost to provide¬†the best possible email services for our users.

The new Data Center

The Runbox email server park will be moved to Copyleft Solution’s data¬†center at Digiplex. Digiplex offers state of the¬†art facilities with secure, climate controlled environments and full¬†power and telecom redundancy.

In the future, this move will improve the quality and responsiveness of our services, as the servers will be hosted on a higher capacity network by a company committed to further developing the platform.

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Domain registration launched

We’re very happy to announce that Runbox now offers integrated domain registration!

This means that you can host both your domain name, your website, and your email in one place with the same user-friendly interface.

Just open Account: Domain Hosting Administration to get started with a new domain name!

Currently we only support the main top level domains .com, .net, and .org, but plan to add more soon. We also plan to support transfers of domains from/to other providers.

To find out more about how Runbox Domain Hosting works, please see our Help section.

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Beware of phishing email

We’ve had reports about falsified messages purporting to be official, requesting that the recipient reply with their username and password.

The subject of the message is reported to be “E-Mail Account Maintenance Runbox Webmail” and the sender might be a Gmail address.

If you see such a message, please delete it.

Note that Runbox will never ask you for your username or password in an email, and we will address you with your full name (which a phisher/scammer would not be able to).

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