Support for retrieval from Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail added

You can now use the Retrieve feature under Manager in runbox to retrieve mail from Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail accounts.

Gmail requires secure mode (SSL) for their POP3 service, which is now available as an option on the Retrieve page from the runbox Beta web interface. The settings for retrieving from Gmail can be found on the Retrieve help page.

Windows Live Hotmail are discontinuing the HTTP access method, which has allowed runbox users to retrieve mails from there via our Retrieve feature via a special setup. Instead, they now support regular POP3 access. The settings for retrieving from Hotmail can be found on the Retrieve help page.

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New Storage added

We have added a new storage units to our server park, increasing the storage capacity with almost 8 TB configured as a RAID 5 array with internal redundancy (in case of hard drive failure).

We’ve started moving user data to the new units, which will relieve the other storage units of both data and load. If your account happens to be moved its messages will be inaccessible for a short while (we’re working to improve this routine to avoid service disruption entirely), but the process will make user data access faster for everyone..

This completes the second step of the major hardware upgrade currently underway. In the coming weeks we’ll be moving applications to brand new app servers and finalize RMM 5 for launch.

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New Web Hosting Server

The Runbox Web Hosting Service has recently been upgraded with a new, powerful server, which should improve the performance of hosted web sites significantly.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact us at webhosting @ runbox . com

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Ping is back

When we moved to the new hosting center we had pretty strict rules in our new firewall. Some people did not like that we did not allow pings to and and by popular demand we have now turned it on again.

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Bandwidth quota doubled to 5GB

By popular request we’ve now doubled the weekly bandwidth quota from 2.5 GB to 5 GB for regular subscription accounts. Hopefully this helps especially the IMAP users that have been having problems, but please let us know if you’re still reaching the quota.

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New hosting provider and server relocation

These are exciting times at Runbox: We will be moving our entire email server park to a brand new, state of the art hosting facility provided by Linpro. Linpro is Norway’s leading provider of open source and Linux based services, and is the same company that has managed Runbox’ servers since we started in 1999.

We believe this move will improve the reliability and uptime of Runbox and facilitate further development of our services, as both hosting services and server maintenance will be provided by the same organization.

Once the relocation is complete we’re planning to replace many of our existing servers with new hardware, and we already have several new servers waiting to be installed in the new data center.

The relocation will occur Thursday December 4 between approximately 9 and 13 CET (3 AM and 7 AM EST).

We will complete the operation as quickly and safely as possible but it will unfortunately entail some downtime (estimated 4-5 hours) affecting all our users.

While the service is inaccessible incoming email will normally be queued on the sending servers, but users of mailing list services such as Yahoo Groups might want to pause those.

We hope to provide outgoing email delivery while the main service is inaccessible.

The Runbox Web Hosting services will not be affected as they are hosted in a different location. All web sites hosted with Runbox will continue to work as normal.

We will update our Service Status section with more information when it becomes available:


The relocation went well and we’re properly installed in our new data center. You can see pictures from the move here:

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New anti-spam server

We have acquired and deployed a new, powerful server dedicated to scanning incoming email for spam. This should in itself make the spam filtering more efficient, and will enable us to run more resource intensive tests and potentially catch more spam.

The new server has also relieved our MX (mail exchanger) servers of this task, thereby improving email delivery performance and allowing incoming messages to be processed more quickly.

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New IMAP server on the way

Our new IMAP server is in its final stages of testing, and can be accessed on port 1143 until full deployment. For those who have been testing our alternative, Dbmail-based server on the same port: Your email client might reload folders and messages when accessing the new server for the first time.

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Scheduled downtime (Backup Power Supply)

Our hosting provider has unexpectedly scheduled emergency reparation of a backup power supply tonight (12.03.2008), causing downtime for the Runbox service. The outage will occur from approximately 24:00 CET (6 PM EST) tonight, and will last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, according to our ISP.

We’re working with our maintenance personnel to minimize the downtime and its effects as much as possible. No email will be lost, as incoming email should be queued on the sending servers while ours are unresponsive. (more…)

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